Everlasting Flower

Everlasting Buds Everlasting Flower Bunch Everlasting on Mountainside

The Syncharpha Zeyheri is a sturdy shrublet that grows to an average of 20cm in height. It’s most noticeable features are the felt-like leaves that cover most of the stem, becoming smaller near the flower heads/blossoms. You can usually find several blossoms grouped together on stems, with each head being a small scattered rosy bract, which become larger and more crowded as they grow. These flowers occur from the Cape Peninsula to #Hermanus on grassy and rocky flats and slopes between August and October.

The flower is known as an everlasting due to its ability to survive without nutrients for several weeks before wilting. This is because of the lack of water absorbing petals and leaves, all of which have adapted to a harsher, drier climate. Therefore they are a popular choice for flower bouquets and displays.

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