Sugarbush Protea

Sugarbush Protea Head Sugarbush Protea White Sugarbush

The Protea Nerifolia (also known as the Sugarbush Protea) has a distinct growth pattern, with a 3 meter high “trunk” from which the flower blooms. The lower bracts are papery and eventually curve backwards like wood shavings as they go higher up. The blooms themselves vary in colour from pure white to light pink to deep red, with a distinct white or black fringe (which resembles fur) along the tips of the petals. These colourful petals work as a shield, protecting the inner flowers from the harsh environment.

These flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden and play a large role in the creation of bouquets and arrangements due to their diverse colours and interesting fur-lined petals.

Adapted from:  Bean, A & Johns, A (2005). Stellenbosch to Hermanus: South African Wild Flower Guide 5. Cape Town: Botanical Society of South Africa. 158 – 159.

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