Spear-Leaved Cone Bush

Conebush Conebush Conebush

Also known as the common spear-leaved conebush, the Leucadendron Spissifolium flower is a resprouter that can grow up to 1.3m tall, with many hairless stems. The hairless, red-tipped leaves are slightly smaller on the male plants and are all slightly twisted along the axis. The conebush grows on damp sandy slopes from sea level to 1500m above, usually scattered over a large area (due to it being a resprouter). The species has the most extensive distribution in the genus, from the Gifberg to Cape Peninsula, Kogelberg, Elim and the Langeberg.

The male and female plants are also discernable by their difference in colour; with the females having a halo of ivory-coloured pointed involucral leaves.

Adapted from:  Bean, A & Johns, A (2005). Stellenbosch to Hermanus: South African Wild Flower Guide 5. Cape Town: Botanical Society of South Africa. 164 - 165.

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