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Aloe gracilis is closely related to Aloe striatula, Aloe gracilis has large red flowers, leaf sheaths not as clearly marked as in Aloe striatula. Aloe gracilis can also be easily confused with Aloe ciliaris but one can distinguish the two apart by the fine marginal hair-like fringe that is present on the clasping parts of the leaves on Aloe ciliaris. The specie name 'gracilis' means 'thin and slender' and it refers to the stems.

The stems have numerous shrubby semi-erect stems that branch near the ground and can grow up to 2m in height. The leaves are a dull green colour, narrow and erectly spreading, leaf surfaces are smooth with numerous tiny white teeth that are 1mm in height. The flowers/inflorescences are single to twice branched, up to 3m high, raceme is found on the upper third of inflorescence.

These colourful aloes are easily maintained and require very little maintenance – perfect for a splash of colour or a way to attract some endemic birdlife.

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