Broad-Leafed Featherbush

Featherbush Aulax Umbellata Featherbush Featherbush

The Broad Leafed Featherbush, scientifically known as the Aulax Umbellata of the Protea family, is a slender shrub grows up to 2.5 meters tall, with bright yellow flowers blooming against purplish brown younger foliage from November to February.

The plants of the genus Aulax are dioecious, with separate male and female plants. The flowers of the male plants are bright lemon yellow, arranged in small lax spikes, which open over a period of several weeks. The new leaves of some of the plants are a beautiful purplish brown from early September, slowly fading to green after the end of the flowering period. The leaves of Aulax umbellata are more or less needle shaped, but considerably wider than the other two species, and this is the main distinguishing characteristic for the species.

The inflorescence morphology and systematics of Aulax (Proteaceae) by J.P. Rourke, S. Afr. J. Bot., 1987, 53(6).

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