Sugar n Spice Hybrid

Sugar n Spice Sugar n Spice Sugar n Spice

The Serruria “Sugar n Spice” flower is a hybrid of the Serruria Florida and Serruria Rosea.

Serruria Florida is known as the blushing bride and is a single stemmed, erect, evergreen shrub, 0.8-1.5 x 0.5 m. Flowering stems branch off the main stem producing fine, dissected leaves and end in terminal flowering buds. It produces 1-8 ivory to pink flowers per branch. It flowers from July to October and produces nut-like seeds which are released about two months later. This species is critically endangered due to too frequent fires and alien vegetation.

Serruria Rosea is one of the showiest spiderheads, producing a spectacular display of up to 20 rose-pink tightly clustered flower heads per stem. Plants growing at Kirstenbosch are producing upwards of 15 flowering stems and this little plant becomes a rounded flowering ball in late winter.

These two flower types together have created this beautiful hybrid, which can be found within the Fernkloof Nature Reserve.

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