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Hamilton Russell was the first wine estate to be planted in Walker Bay and was founded by Tim Hamilton Russell in 1975, carving out a reputation as a winery of both old and new traditions. Their two varieties of wine are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as the vineyard chooses to focus on a more traditional approach by only producing a few varieties rather than the “new style” approach of producing many varients on the same amount of soil.

This approach has not only won the winery many awards but has also helped to set a very high standard for any and all wines produced and sold in the area. Not surprisingly, quality is another big sticking point for Anthony Hamilton-Russell, who admits "the reason we became an estate was so that we could do stupid things financially in the name of quality." Following that line of thinking, Hamilton-Russell does not believe in reserve wines. "If you have a reserve, what does that say about the quality of your other wines? Why should you produce a lesser quality grape or a lesser vintage?"

Both wines are single varietal (non-blended) and can be tasted and enjoyed at the beautiful Hamilton Russell tasting room. The location is peaceful and picturesque, with weeping willows bordering their private damn, which the tasting room overlooks. Enjoying a glass of vino becomes a different experience while sitting along the balcony or listening to the historic background of the farm and its wines.

Monday - Friday | 09h00 - 17h00  
Saturday | 09h00 - 137h00



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