Nature Walks & Trails

Thanks to the coastal and mountainous location, Hermanus offers a number of different walk/hike experiences for the novice and the expert hiker.

The Fernkloof Nature Reserve offers hikers the opportunity to learn as they walk, with a cornucopia of endemic plant and wildlife being spotted along every trail. The paths also offer their own unique experiences, with each one leading into a different part of the reserve, including the Three Dams, the waterfall and also to the highest outlook point (596 meters above sea level) at Galpin Hut (which can be booked for an overnight stay).

The Cliff Path is a perfect option for a scenic stroll along the coastline, with the path hugging the cliffs for over 10km. The Path itself takes walks from the New Harbour all the way to the other end of Hermanus, near the mouth of the Kleinrivier Lagoon. Along this path are a number of beautiful plants, as well as a couple of animals, for everyone to enjoy.

The Fynbos Trail is a more unique nature experience in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This trail offers the visitor the choice between a fully guided and catered slack-packing trail or a self-guided and –catered trail. The trail itself has a two or three day option and takes hikers along a beautiful stretch of trail through coastal and mountain Fynbos, remote forests and visits some fascinating environmental and social projects along the way. This is an ideal trail for nature and hike-lovers alike, giving visitors the chance to escape city life for an oasis in the heart of the Overberg

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