It is a well known fact that South Africa has had to fight its way through dark and destructive times to get to where it is now: a diverse and beautiful country, with a staggering amount to offer its inhabitants and visitors. We have endured tragedy and triumph, a lot of which we have our former president and world-renowned saviour Nelson Mandela to thank for. His vision and leadership helped to pave the way for future generations.

Within this beautiful country's Western Province, nestled amongst rolling mountains and open shores, is Hermanus.

Our little town began in 1815 when “a lone Dutch teacher, aged 37 arrived in Table Bay and travelled with the first eastward-bound ox-wagon to Caledon. The name of this gentleman was destined to be honoured in his new country for many years to come.

The name of a town is sometimes based on myth. Books, magazines and newspaper articles attributed the name of Hermanus to myths that were circulating. Myths of a wandering shepherd called Hermanus Pieters or Peters or Petrus, of an itinerant teacher-cum-shepherd, and so on.

Many residents and/or Hermanus visitors may now no longer know that for more than half a century, the village was called Hermanuspietersfontein. In 1902 the then postmaster, a Mr Gift, found the long name too cumbersome, she chopped off the tail-end, changing the name to HERMANUS.” - excerpt taken from SJ Du Toit's story: Hermanus Pietersfontein.

Present day sees Hermanus as an ever growing town whose humble beginnings can still be found within the buildings, roads and even the people residing here. The town also celebrates and remembers its heritage through numerous markets and events, with special emphasis on the most famous of attractions that led this town into the tourism books: our whales.

Hermanus hopes to see further positive growth in the area and is always aiming to aid the community in any way that it can so as to ensure a prosperous and equality-driven future.

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