Paragliding is both a recreational activity and competitive adventure sport. Flyers use paragliders – lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircrafts that use a harness and large kite (like those used by Kite Surfers) - to glide over long distances. The gliders make use of the air flow and manual guiding to manoeuvre the gliders.

The paragliding providers in Hermanus offer both solo and tandem experiences for those wishing to tour the town from above. The breath-taking coastal scenery and beautiful mountains make this an experience of a lifetime; one that will leave anyone with plenty of stories for the future. During the flight, flyers are also privy to the undisturbed wildlife below, including deer, baboons, blue cranes and other wildlife. Swallows, eagles and crows have also been known to fly close to the gliders.

The flight itself usually lasts around 45 minutes and includes a quick safety presentation for newcomers. Overall, the flight is an adrenaline filled one, with plenty to see and take in.


Paragliding Over the Ocean Paragliding Pair Paragliding Solo
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