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Our mission is to devote our energy into maintaining the Rossouw Modern as one the foremost respected, profitable and beautiful art galleries in South Africa with an investment collection filled with the work of the most sought after, original and expressive young artists.

Our aim is to grow, guide and elevate selected young artists and facilitate their exposure on national and international platforms. - Jozua Rossouw

Jozua Rossouw began trading in the art world in 1991, selling his own work at local South African markets. He opened the Fisherman’s Gallery in 1995, which eventually became the Rossouw Modern. This Hermanus art gallery has stood the test of time — enjoyed by experienced art lovers and new collectors alike.

The quaint, historic fisherman’s cottage that houses the gallery offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to appreciate fine artwork. This, and the special attention given to clients and artists, makes this gallery a not-to-be-missed experience.

Jozua’s passion for modern art is evident in the collection of gifted South African artists he discovers, develops and proudly represents. This passion extends to the clients and art lovers he deals with — they’re delivered excellent investment opportunities with the help of his trained eye and extensive experience.

International collectors are assured of professional packaging and shipment of art to any destination worldwide. Rossouw Modern works with the best shipping companies and offers a service that includes the tracking and close monitoring of the process, at competitive rates.


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