Sand-boarding is definitely more geared towards the adrenalin junkies. Racing down a sand dune at high speeds on a thin board might make some feel faint, but for those searching for thrills during a holiday, this up-and-coming adventure sport in South Africa is a must do.

It is similar to snowboarding as you can choose to stand with two feet locked onto a board whilst sliding down a sand dune at high speeds. However, if you feel that this is a bit beyond your capabilities, you have the choice to sit. Lying down is not recommended lest you find yourself swallowing a mouthful of sand. No experience is needed though to take part in this adventure sport, however balance plays a big role. Betty's Bay offers the ideal location for sand-boarding, with its picture-perfect beaches and high sand dunes; a fun activity for families or friends wanting to spend some quality time together.

For contact information, please visit our Activities & Operators page.

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Last modified on Thursday, 20 January 2022 10:27
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