Tidal Pools

The Marine Tidal Pool is situated below the Marine Hotel in Central Hermanus next to Bientang's Cave Restaurant. Access is from the cliff path leading down to the pool via a set of steep steps and not recommended for people who have difficulty walking. It offers safe swimming for all but dive shoes/booties are recommended due to the sea urchins and sharp rocks. The pool offers good snorkelling at low tide and overlooks the ocean and surrounds. The Pool is also safer for children as it is separated from the crashing waves and is in full view of the hotel and roads.

Marine Tidal Pool

Fick's Pool is situated in Westcliff on the way to the New Harbour along Westcliff Road. It is much smaller than the Marine Tidal Pool and you also have to follow a set of steps leading down to the pool. It is a popular swimming spot among the local children, cradled between the rocks and overlooking the ocean. During the evenings, one can enjoy a view of the sunset from the rocky outcrops or take a stroll along the paths above the pool.

Ficks Pool Sign Ficks Pool View Ficks Pool Path