The history behind Gearing's Point is that it was used as a lookout for fishermen who were coming into Old Harbour (when it was still in use). It also gave a fantastic view for the onlookers as they watched the boats coming in, as well as see what catch the fishermen produced from the long days at sea. After a while the telescope was erected when the fishermen moved to the New Harbour and whales became the more popular option when searching the waves. Now, although a small section of Hermanus' main area, Gearing's Point offers one of the best views for whale spotting and watching. During peak season, tourists flock to this location to try and catch a glimpse of the stunning creatures, some even braving a soaking by traversing the rocky outcrops into the ocean, close to the Old Harbour.

Due to its elevated position, viewers are able to pick up movement in the ocean faster than those looking from the Old Harbour. However, the size of Gearing's Point means that not everyone will get a fantastic view of the whales. There are paths along the rocky outcrops, as well as benches and grassy areas that people can go to sit and view the whales, without being tussled for a better position at the Point.

For those who are not equipped for long distance viewing, there is a conveniently placed telescope. Coins are needed though!