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Driving along the Hemel-en-Aarde Wine Route gives drivers a chance to look out onto rolling vineyards and elegant structures. However, drivers will soon begin to glimpse bright pink walls upon unique architecture – an unexpected sight amongst the greens and earthy tones of the surrounding valley. This is how most visitors first experience one of the many quirks of La Vierge Winery and Restaurant, a beautiful farm located on a hairpin bend up the valley. The farm was taken over in 2000 by the current owner, a lover of wine and an intrepid explorer of the beautiful and unusual. Since then, the farm has been renovated and now boasts a bright building with massive windows that showcase an uninterrupted view of Heaven and Earth.

The Dry-Land vineyards (no use of irrigation) that produce these young yet delicious wines have been grown as nature intended – with little to no manipulation and no “crowding” of vines. This technique insures a natural aging of the vines whilst also acquiring full-bodied grapes that are packed with the flavours famous among their wines.

The story behind La Vierge is further evidence of their sense of humour and unique approach to all things wine. Based on the Garden of Eden and the biblical Virgin, their wines take on personalities that mirror the stories of old, but with a slight twist. Names such as Last Temptation, Original Sin and Jezebelle are just some of the unique brands for their wines. The unspoilt beauty and provenance of their terroir are also reflected in this theme, suggesting a lush verdant paradise with all the purity, simplicity, innocence and temptation of life’s beginnings.

Tastings, weddings and other functions are regularly and happily held here, with their brilliant chefs cooking up a unique menu of mouthwatering courses. Tastings vary from simple to elaborate, with each style catering to the group at hand, whilst functions, weddings or even a simple meal for two is offset by the beautiful and bright artworks (courtesy of Sir Michael Adams), décor and view that make up La Vierge.

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